Always be Looking and Always be Networking for your Next Job!

Finding a job is never easy. You should be thinking about finding your next job
everyday. Sound crazy? The average tenure in one job is 4 years in the USA. I think
you know what I am saying. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are, what kind
of contribution you make or what level you are at. Don’t be naïve thinking it can’t
happen to you. The question is what are you doing about it?
This is why we started! provides you a platform to find
your next job in the footwear industry. Use this great vehicle if you need a job or just
want to keep your eye on job offerings that might be your next great opportunity!
Finding your next job should always be your job! Always be Looking and always
be Networking.
When you sign up with take the time to fill out all of the required
information. All your information is confidential we do not share it with anyone.
You can review Featured Jobz on the Home Page but you will need to login to see
hundreds of additional jobz inside. Just click Find A Job, under Key Word put
Footwear and the position you are seeking. Example “Footwear” Designer.
If you have a question just send us a note. Click Contact Us at the top of the Home
Page. We like hearing from you!
Michael Beckwith
President and Founder


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